Wilderness Watch - Bushcraft and Outdoor Activities
Den building
This activity is very popular, it includes waterproof testing, bushcraft skills, navigation and an introduction to woodland plants and their uses. It  introduces team building whilst having a whole lot of fun.
Children 7+ years of age. Maximum 20. Adult supervision required on a ratio of 1:6.
1 1/2 hrs. 

Bush-craft/Campfire and Food
Including: Den building, survival/woodland skills which include navigation, identifying animal tracks, the uses and properties of indigenous forest plants, fire lighting and cooking over an open fire.
(Please specify any dietary requirements beforehand please)
 children 7+ years of age. Adult supervision required, 1:6
 Maximum 20
3 hrs. 
 Overnight Survival
Spend a night under the stars and experience the presence of nocturnal animals such as : Badgers, foxes, deer and night jars. Learn woodsman skills, including tracking and trapping and navigation, while also enjoying a hot meal cooked over an open fire. ( dietary requirements specified beforehand please). you can choose to spend the night in your own purpose built den or bring your own tent. The choice is yours!
A truly inspiring experience!
Corporate team Building.
For more information on this activity, please contact us.
For the younger ones
Classroom Capers 1½ hrs. 
This activity is aimed at children 4 years and above and is classroom based.  It includes: Paper craft activities, an introduction to bush craft and woodland discovery walk, toasted marsh mallows.
The maximum number of children is 20.
Parental/guardian supervision is at a ratio of 1:2
Please note; for this activity the classroom has to be booked separately, for 2hrs. through Alice Holt. Please contact, Recreation Officer Heather pettitt.
Recreation Officer
0300 067 4448
 Nigel mainly runs parties at the weekends but can offer other dates if arranged in advance.