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Another successful party!

This weekend saw another group of children and their families enjoy a fantastic day out in the forest. 

Nigel had set up camp in the morning while the parents of the party went about decorating with balloons and bunting, the den building site had never looked so colourful.

While some of the parents went off to explore the forest while the den building was taking place, all reunited later to enjoy hot-dogs, toasted marsh mallows and cake.

On this occasion, there were more adults than children 16 to be exact, and all had a fantastic time!

Summer holidays

SUMMER HOLIDAYS are here!.... need something to keep the children from getting bored and looking for an alternative party? Then how about one of our bush craft parties, Den building or camp fire and food with toasted marsh mallows and loads of fun with Harry the dog!

Weekend Bush Craft Parties

Nigel is now taking bookings for weekend Parties!
If your children and their friends enjoy the challenge of learning bush craft skills, being outside and having fun, get in touch.
Take time to look at our testimonials page for reviews from parents that have had parties for their children.

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Another successful party!
Summer holidays
Weekend Bush Craft Parties


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