Wilderness Watch - Bushcraft and Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Parties and Activities
 Den building
Children 7+ years of age. Maximum 20. Adult supervision required on a ratio of 1:6.
1½ hours.

Bush-craft/Campfire and Food
Including: Den building, navigation, survival/woodland skills, discovering animal tracks. And after all that, enjoy some hot-dogs and marsh mallows over an open fire. Food and drinks provided.
Feel free to bring a celebration cake!
(dietary requirements need to be specified beforehand)
Max 20 children 7+ years of age. Adult supervision required, ratio 1:6.
3 hrs. 

And for the younger ones...
Classroom Capers
This activity is aimed at children 4 years and above and is classroom based.  It includes: Paper craft activities, an introduction to bush craft with a woodland walk and toasted marsh mallows.
The maximum number of children is 15.
Parental/guardian supervision is at a ratio of 1:2. This activity lasts for 1½ hours,allow extra for classroom booking.
Please note; for this activity the classroom has to be booked separately, for 2hrs. through Alice Holt. Please contact, Recreation Officer
Recreation Officer
0300 067 4448